15 Things You Should Do When You Finish Your Show

Final CurtainSo you’ve faced the final curtain.

And after the buzz of the last night party, and the less than tender hum of the morning after’s hangover, the realisation of the unemployed life

ahead starts to slither in

Abiola is a London-based Actress, Writer, Musician, and Content Creator. She has recently finished performing in the West End production of The Book of Mormon. As well as a well-established career in theatre, Abiola writes and produces her own material. Abiola trained at ArtsEd London, and The UCB Training Centre in New York City.

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Magnesium: How It Can Change Your Life

MagnesiumMagnesium can change your life.
I’ll tell you why…
The number one top supplement I prescribe to performers who come to my holistic health clinic is Magnesium.
A racer uses a car, a butcher uses a knife, a fisherman

Gary was a performer and had a 12 year career in the musical theatre, classical & pop industries. He is now a holistic health practitioner and is on a mission to bring health, happiness and well being to as many people in the industry as possible. Drop him an Email or visit his clinic.

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