The Hustle Community Events is the number one events promotion platform for performers. If you want to promote your class, workshop, scratch night, show or your just having a party then listing your event on The Hustle Community is a no-brainer. With 34,000 members of The Hustle there is no better way to get your event discovered by more performers and in this post you will discover the top ten reasons why.

1. It’s Absolutely Free 

We know that if you’re running a weekly class at Pineapple or have a masterclass coming up you need a way to promote your event to a large audience without having to take out a mortgage to advertise. The Hustle Community Events is absolutely free to list on and once you have submitted your event not only can all our members discover your event through the events calendar but you can share your listing to the Facebook for free as well. 

2. It Saves You Money

Not only does it not cost you anything to submit your event to The Hustle Community but it actually saves you a mountain of cash too. If you were to pay to advertise your event on Facebook to 34000 people it would cost you about £1500 and that’s before you pay someone to set up and manage the ads for you. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

3. You Can Make Money! 

Not only does it not cost anything and it actually saves you money advertising and promoting… but it actually helps you make more money too. You can add free events sure, but if your event is a class or a workshop then you simply add pricing to the event and now your professionally designed event page becomes your own little promotion engine. Promoting your event to the group shows Hustlers that you are a serious events organiser and that your event is worth going to. Hustlers can also discover your event through the Events Calendar and have all the information they need to decide to book right there. Without your own website there is no better way to get more attendance for your event. 

4. Its Easy

Once you have signed up for your free account your very first event might take 3 minutes to submit (if you only used your elbows) but after that your venue and organiser information as well as all your past events are saved in the system for you to reuse the next time you have an event to promote which might take you a whole minute.

5. It Saves You Time.

Are you sick of typing the same post out over and over again on Facebook or sharing the same details you’ve already shared 10 times online. Forget about it! After you have submitted your event all you have to do is paste your event link and away you go. The Hustle Community Events pushes your event title, featured image and description to wherever you paste your link so it displays just like a professionally designed event, because… well… it is one!  Not only is it easy to submit but it will actually save you a mountain of time typing out the same post again and again. 

6. Every Week, Month, Year… It’s Automatic 

If you have a weekly class or a monthly party you don’t even have to submit the event over and over again. Just select the Recurring Event option and choose your time and your event information will be automatically copied onto all of your dates. You will have a dedicated page for the series of events and also an individual page for each instance. Like magic! 

7. Its Beautiful & Professional

I mean, have you seen it! As calendars go The Hustle Community Events is a stunner. When you are promoting your event to potential attendees you want it to look gorgeous and ours certainly does that. Nothing turns people off more online than a bad looking website. Featured image to attract attention, rich text description, all your pricing, venue and organiser information displayed for you. You’d have to pay a web designer hundreds of pounds to get your events looking as professional as this.  

8. It’s Clever

The Hustle Community Events is smart. It links all the events at one venue together so if someone is viewing a class at pineapple they will be suggested your class too. If they just like coming to your events they can view only others organised by you. It even links events by location integrating directly with Google Maps and when it comes time to attend , at the click of a button you can import the event to Google Calendar or iCal on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android.

9. It’s A Guaranteed Audience

No more scrounging around for people to come to your event trying to find loads of pokey, small Facebook groups to get the word out or randomly tweeting a few times or sharing it with your friends and hoping for the best. You have the largest online community of performers in the UK at your fingertips all waiting to hear what you’ve got coming up so they can be a part of it. 

10. It’s Everywhere

Want to promote your event to people outside of The Hustle Community – Absolutely. You can share your link anywhere on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere online. You can email it to someone or promote it with any other organisation. You can print your link on fliers, posters send it to venues, other communities or just share it on your own Facebook wall. In fact … I can’t think of anywhere that you CAN’T share it! 

So What Are You Waiting For

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