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The first time I checked out The Hustle Resources I was absolutely blown away. There are loads of really useful documents in there like professionally designed, fill-in-the-blank resume and cover letter templates. Now I know my casting submissions look really swish.
Jason Broderick, Actor
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I was in real trouble with my contract in that show I was doing. My agent wasn’t being of any help. I went straight to the Support section of The Hustle and there I could “Ask Nicola”, an Equity councilor, anything I needed to know. She referred me and got the problem solved.
Sup Dhanasunthorn, Dancer
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I graduated with thousands of pounds in student load debt from my drama school but while I was auditioning I was getting poorer and poorer, I barely had enough money to pay my rent. I found a great, flexible job on The Hustle that pays the bills while I audition.
Helen Scott, Model
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